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Pain Management Service / Chronic Pain

Regardless of the initial cause of chronic pain, the experience of pain may result in anxiety, depression, fear, frustration, anger, irritability etc.

These negative feelings may worsen or perpetuate the pain, or hamper progress with the physician prescribed program. This does not mean that the pain is "in the persons head" or not real.

Pain sufferers usually focus on the physical aspects and may be unaware or avoiding psychological aspects.

Psychological pain management services have been shown in the research to reduce pain intensity, decrease the interference of pain in relationships, increase the likelihood of return to work, diminish depression, and improve the general quality of life.

Boca Raton Psychotherapy
Pain management services consist of learning to relax; modifying the negative thinking (such as “I will suffer from pain forever”); focusing less on pain; diminishing negative feelings; improving relationships; finding more happiness; learning to pace activities; etc.

Dr. Nadler was director of a psychology pain management clinic in a major medical center for almost 25 years. He has treated people with almost every type of pain, including back and neck pain, sciatica, headaches and fibromyalgia. One of his former patients, who had failed back surgery, met him by chance 20 years later and said he was “pain free” since he was treated.

Boca Raton Psychologist Call Dr. Nadler to set up a no cost telephone consultation to discuss pain management service.
He will explain how he can help you diminish your pain and find more happiness.

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