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Psychology of Weight Loss

The psychology of weight loss program has a goal of both decreased and maintained weight. Results should lead to a comfortable weight that also promotes good health.

A series of short-term goals leading to the long-term goal are emphasized. A short-term goal might be fitting into a dress that was slightly too tight or decreasing one notch on your belt.

The first step is to accept that you are overweight without self-criticism and self-degradation. The next step is to increase motivation for behavior change that will lead to a slow and steady reduction in weight. The final step is replacing harmful eating behaviors with healthy ones.

The client must receive nutritional counseling from a nutritionist or a program, such as Weight Watchers, and must have approval for an exercise program by a physician. The five-year success rate of most programs is rather poor when the dropout rate is taken into consideration. The psychology of weight loss program provides tools to take off the pounds and keep them off.

Dr, Nadler will guide the client through the psychology of weight loss. In the treatment, there is an emphasis on the therapeutic use of imagery and hypnotherapy to bring about behavior change.

Boca Raton Psychologist After losing 15 pounds, a client remarked "I feel so much better and my doctor has reduced my medication."
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